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Breast reduction in Phoenix, AZ (reduction mammoplasty) aims to achieve a breast size that is more proportionate to body size. Many women have large or sagging breasts that may cause discomfort, self-consciousness, and other physical and psychological effects. Dr. Jude LaBarbera performs breast reduction surgery women can count on to help them achieve their desired breast shape.
Although having larger breasts is often a desirable trait, some women have excessively large breasts that lead to physical health issues. This condition is known as macromastia and is often caused by factors such as heredity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or significant weight fluctuations.

Macromastia is often associated with chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, back, and the chest wall which is why the majority of Dr LaBarbera’s Phoenix breast reduction patients come to see him. It may also cause sleep disturbances, poor posture, headaches, and shortness of breath. In some women, Macromastia will also cause the bra straps to dig into the shoulders, leading to permanent grooves in the shoulders over time.
Phoenix plastic surgeon, Dr. Jude LaBarbera uses liposuction to remove excessive amounts of tissue and fat from the breasts. He works professionally with each patient in order to achieve breasts that are attractive, smaller, and more manageable in size. If you are struggling with extra-large breasts that limit your choice of clothing, impair your ability to exercise, or lead to other physical symptoms – Dr. Jude LaBarbera’s reduction mammoplasty procedure is tailored for you.

Ideal Candidates for Reduction Mammoplasty

Overly large breasts can cause many health and emotional problems. Many women with large pendulous breasts admit to having self-image issues, and some even experience physical pain and discomfort. There are a few traits breast reduction Phoenix patients typically are suffering from to which they need surgery:

  • You have breasts that are heavy, different sizes, or too big for your frame
  • Your breasts are limiting your physical activity
  • You have shoulder grooves from bra straps
  • You have a skin irritation below the breast crease
  • You have large breasts that are causing back, neck, or shoulder pain
  • You are self-conscious about the fact that your breasts are too large

Dr. Jude LaBarbera works closely with each one of this patients to evaluate your concerns and determine whether surgery is the best way forward. Keep in mind it is usually best to be done birthing children prior to surgery (some mothers request a full mommy makeover) Nonsurgical treatments such as support bras, massage, chiropractic or physical therapy may help alleviate the symptoms of macromastia. However, their effectiveness is limited and cannot be compared to reductive surgery.


Your initial consultation visit with Dr. Jude LaBarbera is a perfect opportunity to ask all the questions you may have about the procedure. You’ll also get to let the surgeon know of your expectations, and any concerns you may have about the surgery. Dr. LaBarbera listens carefully to your questions and works patiently with his patients to come up with a successful surgery plan.


Your Initial Consultation with Dr. LaBarbera

Dr. Jude LaBarbera’s approach to breast reduction in Phoenix, AZ is informed by his years of experience, and extensive skills. To avoid discoloration and loss of sensation, he’ll ensure proper blood supply to the nipple areola complex during surgery. The entire reduction of the breast procedure entails using liposuction to remove excess fat from the breast. Once this is done, loose skin will be excised and tightened to form the new, reduced breast. Because there is excessive skin after the liposuction of the breast, the nipple will typically have to be repositioned to face forward instead of downward. This is placed after the breast is reduced in size. This procedure may also be used for breast asymmetry correction surgery.


This is considered to be an outpatient procedure, usually performed under general anesthesia. If you choose to have your reduction in Phoenix, or the surrounding AZ area with Dr. LaBarbera, The entire operation typically takes between 2 to 4 hours to complete. In many cases, “the anchor” incision type will be used. This incision is made around the areola and extends vertically down all the way to the breast crease. It’s then followed by an additional horizontal incision along the breast fold. The areola is repositioned once the breasts have been resized and recurved. Afterward, the breast reduction patient will be required to wear a compression bra that protects the breasts for a couple of weeks. Patients are generally allowed to resume work about a week following surgery. However, physical activities and strenuous tasks should be avoided for the first 6-8 weeks in order to ensure proper healing. Patients are able to see the outcome of the reduction immediately after surgery. However, sensation to the nipple is initially lost but typically returns with time. This is usually within a year after the breast reduction patients confirm.




2 – 4 Hours


6 – 8 Weeks


Typically Not Covered



Reduction mammoplasty serves as a long-term solution for patients who are affected by large breasts. However, since this is a cosmetic procedure, its outcome may be compromised by significant weight gain. With time, gravity and natural aging will also take their toll on breasts (reduction or no reduction). It’s important for women who receive this procedure to maintain good health so that their reduction can last a long time.

It’s common that women who have large breasts also have a large areola. Many surgeons consider areola reduction during the procedure. Excessive skin will be trimmed to ensure that the areola is proportional to the new breast shape

Before the procedure, Dr. Jude LaBarbera will examine your breasts and take measurements. He may also photograph your breasts for medical records. When opting for a breast reduction Phoenix patients should understand the goal of this examination is to help determine the quality of your skin, as well as the positioning of your nipple and areola. Questions may also be asked about your medical history, ongoing treatments, and drug allergies. All this evaluation helps the surgeon plan and prepare for a successful reduction.

Like every other surgery, when opting for a breast reduction patients should understand it also has it’s own potential risks and complications. Working with a highly skilled breast surgeon such as Dr. LaBarbera is the best safeguard patients can take to minimize potential risks. In the rare event that complications still occur, these can be corrected by making minor adjustments post-surgery. Make sure you talk to Dr. Jude LaBarbera about any concerns you may have during your initial consultation.

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