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Every year, breast augmentation surgery helps thousands of women boost their confidence, expand their clothing choices, and accentuate their figures. Breast augmentation is indeed the most popular of the cosmetics, and the primary choice for women who are looking for shapelier, fuller breasts. Unfortunately, not all surgeries go well. Patients may be dissatisfied by the results, or burdened by unsightly or uncomfortable complications. More often than not, this happens when the patient chooses an inexperienced surgeon. In some instances, the patient’s body may reject brain implants, necessitating breast revision surgery.

Phoenix breast revision surgeon Dr. Jude LaBarbera performs breast revision surgery to help women achieve the comfort and breast appearance they desire. Dr. LaBarbera and his team of professionals have performed numerous successful cases of the breast revision in Phoenix and surrounding Arizona patients can feel confident in.

Through traditional and advanced techniques, Dr. LaBarbera and his team are able to solve many complications and problems resulting from prior breast surgery.


You may be a good candidate for breast revision surgery if you:

  • Are dissatisfied with the results of another surgeon’s breast surgery
  • Are no longer happy with the shape and size achieved by a previous augmentation
  • Have complications from previous implants or augmentation
  • Experience discomfort after a prior breast augmentation surgery

Depending on your concerns, Dr. Jude LaBarbera will conduct an examination and establish whether breast revision is the best course of action.

Reasons for Breast Revision

You may want to have a breast revision plastic surgery for the following reasons:


Breasts implants tend to be safe and cases of leakages are rare. In some cases though, the shell breaks down and the solution contained therein leaks to the surrounding body tissues, leading to a noticeable deflation of the breasts. Silicone implant ruptures may not be physically noticeable and an MRI skin is required to detect any leakages. When there’s a rupture, Dr. LaBarbera will perform revision surgery to replace the damaged implants.


Sometimes a noticeable rippling shows up underneath or on the breast’s side. This is more prevalent amongst patients who have lower tissue volume, and those who are thin. Although this is not really a complication, it causes unnatural wrinkling that may lead to an unsightly appearance and cause discomfort. Rippling commonly happens with saline implants


This is one of the well-known complications of breast augmentation surgery. Over time, the tissues surrounding the implants may develop into scars. This scar tissue will tighten and displace the implant, leading to discomfort or a severe hardening of the breasts. Capsular contractures are more common with saline implants than with silicone implants. Dr. Jude LaBarbera will perform a capsulectomy to surgically remove the scar tissue.


Many women have a breast augmentation in order to increase the size of their breasts for aesthetic purposes. After augmentation, some women may feel dissatisfied with the results of the augmentation and opt to revert back to their primary breast size. Other augmentation recipients may want to remove implants or entire implant capsule removal due to health or personal concerns. In this case, Dr. Jude will perform breast revision surgery to remove the implant and tighten the breast skin to revert back to the original natural position.


Sometimes an implant may move out of its designated pocket, leading to a double breast appearance. This normally happens when implants were not properly placed. Capsular contracture may also lead to displacement of the implant in the breast pocket. Where this is the case, plastic surgeons perform revision surgery to correct the mishap and lead to a symmetrical breast appearance.


Some women who have breast augmentation surgery may not be happy with the shape, size, texture and base of their implants. Revision surgery can help achieve a larger breast size, or switch from a rounded implant to a natural looking teardrop appearance. Dr. LaBarbera will consider all options for modifying the breast to achieve the intended results.


Each revision surgery is tailored in line with the precise needs of the patient. The surgical operation may entail scar tissue removal, implants replacement, insertion of a tissue matrix device, a breast lift, or more. Dr. Jude LaBarbera is well versed in the latest revision surgery technique and is able to achieve the most natural-looking results.


Breast revision surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia. The procedure duration depends on the type of surgery being carried out. It’s common that the patient is required to spend the night at the facility for professional monitoring. Typically, breast revision patients are able to return to their daily routine after a few weeks. It may take a couple of months before the final results of the breast revision surgery are evident.


Your Initial Consultation with Dr. Labarbera

The first step to your breast revision surgery is comprehensive consultation at Dr. Jude LaBarbera’s Phoenix office. During this meeting, he will get to know you and learn about your aesthetic goals. You will need to provide as many details as possible about your initial surgery, the size and manufacturer of implants, and the initial surgery operative report. All this information helps Dr. LaBarbera create a sound strategy for a successful revision. The surgeon may also collect information related to your medical history, conduct a physical examination, and make measurements to lay the groundwork for the new surgery. This initial consultation is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about your revision surgery. Dr. LaBarbera and his team work individually with each patient and are determined to help make the entire process comfortable for you. If you intend to get pregnant in the near future, make sure you let your plastic surgeon know so that he can explain how motherhood may impact your new breasts.


The cost of breast revision surgery varies depending on each patient’s requirements. In situations where an implant is a manufacturer’s defect, it’s likely that the warranty will cover all or part of the surgical cost. Insurance typically does not pay for breast revision surgeries. Dr. Jude LaBarbera performs revision in his ultra-modern Phoenix office, supported by a team of highly professional and licensed staff.


Varies. Warranties may pay for part of the surgery.


3 – 4 Hours


Few Weeks


Not Covered

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