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Breast Lift (Mastopexy) in Phoenix, AZ

Breast Lift Phoenix offers an ideal solution for those aiming to rejuvenate their appearance by removing excess skin and reshaping breast tissue. Dr. LaBarbera skillfully performs this procedure, focusing on excising the excess skin to address sagging and recontouring the breast tissue to achieve a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing look. Ideal for individuals experiencing sagging breasts due to aging, weight fluctuations, or post-pregnancy changes, a breast lift procedure in Phoenix not only enhances the breast’s shape and position but also boosts self-confidence and comfort.

Choosing Dr. Jude LaBarbera for Your Breast Lift Surgery In Phoenix, Arizona

When considering a breast lift Phoenix surgery, selecting the right surgeon is crucial for ensuring optimal results and a positive surgical experience. Dr. Jude LaBarbera, known for his expertise in plastic surgery, is a distinguished choice for those seeking a breast lift. Here’s why Dr. LaBarbera is the ideal plastic surgeon for your procedure:

Board Certification and Expertise

Dr. Jude LaBarbera is a board-certified plastic surgeon, indicating his adherence to the highest medical practice and ethics standards. His certification and extensive training in plastic surgery assure you of his professional competence.

Specialization in Breast Procedures

With a specialization in breast surgeries, Dr. Jude LaBarbera brings a wealth of experience to a range of procedures, including breast lifts, breast augmentation with breast implants, and breast reduction.

 Dr. LaBarbera’s profound knowledge of breast aesthetics and the specific details of various surgical types guarantees that each procedure is customized to align with his patients’ individual requirements and aspirations, leading to personalized and successful outcomes.

Portfolio of Successful Surgeries

Reviewing Dr. LaBarbera’s portfolio of before-and-after photos of breast lifts can provide insights into his skill level and the types of outcomes he consistently achieves.

Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Patient testimonials and reviews for Dr. LaBarbera often highlight his professionalism, compassionate care, and the satisfaction of his patients, offering a glimpse into what you can expect from your own experience.

Comprehensive Consultation Process

Dr. LaBarbera is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and informative consultation process, ensuring that each patient feels fully informed and at ease with their breast lift procedure. 

He listens attentively to your goals and provides a realistic perspective on the outcomes, including detailed explanations about removing excess breast skin. Dr. LaBarbera discusses the various breast lift incisions, such as periareolar, vertical, or anchor incisions, and how they are strategically used to achieve the desired lift while minimizing visible scarring.


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Board certified plastic surgeon in Phoenix, Dr. M. Jude LaBarbera is devoted to providing the highest quality of surgical excellence and a superior level of care for each patient. With skill and expertise in the latest cosmetic and reconstructive surgery techniques, Jude LaBarbera MD, Plastic Surgery can help you achieve astounding results that can enhance your appearance as well as your confidence. His knowledge, surgical talents, and patient-focused approach ensure you are guided by caring hands at each step along the way.

Breast Lift Phoenix Consultation

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Jude LaBarbera MD Plastic Surgery’s Phoenix office, located at 18325 N Allied Way, Suite 120A, Phoenix, AZ 85054, is a testament to our dedication to top-tier patient care. In the heart of Phoenix, this office upholds the same high standards as our Scottsdale headquarters. Ideal for in-depth consultations in an urban setting, our Phoenix team is ready to provide detailed insights into your desired procedures. Schedule your consultation by contacting us at (480) 770-2391. Discover why our Phoenix office is preferred for those seeking exceptional plastic surgery services in a dynamic city environment.

Discover Our Breast Lift Services

Our Phoenix location is a prime destination for those exploring breast lift options. We also offer this transformative procedure at our Mesa and Gilbert offices, ensuring Arizona residents can access our services conveniently. For in-depth information about breast lift surgery, including procedural details, breast lift scars, breast lift cost, and breast lift recovery tips, visit our Breast Lift Scottsdale main page. It’s your comprehensive resource for all your questions and concerns.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Swelling after a breast lift is a normal part of the healing process. Typically, the majority of swelling subsides within the first few weeks post-surgery. However, it can take anywhere from a few months up to a year for all swelling to completely resolve and for the final shape of the breasts to fully settle. Following Dr. LaBarbera’s post-operative instructions and attending all follow-up appointments to monitor your healing progress is essential.
Doing too much too soon after a breast lift can lead to several complications:
  • Increased Swelling and Bruising: Overexertion can exacerbate swelling and bruising, prolonging healing.
  • Risk of Bleeding: Strenuous activities can increase the risk of bleeding or hematoma formation.
  • Impaired Wound Healing: Physical strain can put stress on your incisions, leading to delayed healing or even wound separation.
  • Altered Results: Excessive movement or lifting can affect the outcome of the surgery, potentially leading to asymmetry or other aesthetic issues.
It’s crucial to adhere to the activity restrictions provided by Dr. LaBarbera to ensure a smooth and safe recovery.

Signs of proper healing after a breast lift include:

  1. Gradual Reduction in Swelling and Bruising
    While some initial swelling and bruising are normal, these should steadily decrease over time.
  2. Manageable Discomfort
    Some pain and discomfort are expected, but this should be controllable with prescribed medication and improve steadily.
  3. Healthy Breast Lift Incision Lines
    The incision site from the breast lift should heal with minimal redness, swelling, or discharge. Prompt attention is required for any indications of infection at the site of the breast incision.
  4. Improving Breast Shape and Contour
    As you heal, your breasts will gradually settle into their new shape and position. This includes the formation and definition of the breast crease. A well-defined breast crease is a positive sign of proper healing and contributes to the overall aesthetic result.
    Always remember that individual recovery experiences can vary. Maintaining open communication with Dr. Jude LaBarbera and attending all scheduled follow-up appointments ensures your healing is on track.