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Dr. Jude LaBarbera in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale & Gilbert, AZ
His work is absolutely amazing! His bedside manners are impeccable and he is over all a great doctor! I couldn’t be any happier with my work from him and highly recommend him.

Tummy Tuck

Dr. LaBarbera went over any beyond what I ever could have expected. He performed the Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck on me and not only was his work impeccable, but also his professionalism and bedside manner. He has consistently checked in on me and will not rest until he knows I am completely healed. I will be using him for my breast augmentation and arm lift. He deserves 10 stars!

Tummy Tuck

Best Plastic Surgeon (DOCTOR) hands down. He is so concerned with your concerns and doesn’t take your worries lightly. He has great bedside manners, great with all follow ups and very meticulous about all his work. I was his last surgery in Alabama before moving to Arizona and I promise if I decide to have any other surgeries I will be on a plane to Arizona for him to do my surgery.

Tummy Tuck

Dr.LaBarbera is a skilled surgeon! Not only is he knowledgeable and informative, he does amazing work! Im very pleased with his professional manner but even more so at the results he produced! ***highly recommended***

Breast Augmentation

I wish I could give him more than 5 stars! He did my BL with 330cc saline implants close to 4 weeks ago and I absolutely love them ! He has great bedside manner and he even texts and calls to check up on you. My recovery was easy. You can even ask him any questions without feeling dumb. Loved him!

Breast Augmentation with Lift

Dr. Jude Labarbera is AMAZING! Great professionalism, pristine work, kind and consistent bedside manner. I highly recommend him for all of your cosmetic needs.

Tummy Tuck

I have wanted to have a tummy tuck for years! After an exhaustive search I choose Dr. LaBarbera to do my surgery. Since I was 2 hours from the clinic I choose to do a virtual consultation. It was so convenient and easy to do! I was able to get an expert opinion on what I needed with a price estimate. He always returned my texts or calls sometimes within a few minutes. The care that I received was excellent! Everyone made me feel at ease and comfortable with the process. I am so happy I finally did it! I am loving my new body!

Tummy Tuck

Dr. Labarbera is a very personable doctor! He treats you with amazing bedside manner and will answer any questions you have at any time, any day! I would recommend him to anyone needing cosmetic surgery.

Breast Lift

I battled with my breast size for what feels like forever, Dr Jude did my breast augmentation February 2, 2018, I started with 34 A and got 450cc in right and 475 in left, now I’m a 34 D, he is so nice and funny and made me feel comfortable, I love my new girls! He did a great job, I couldn’t have ask for a better surgeon! He text me to check on me and even remember my wedding date! I don’t know any other surgeon that takes their time getting to know the patients, friends of mine are already planning on getting surgery from him! He helped me feel confident again! Today was my 9 week check up, he answered all my questions I had and it’s good to know everything looked great and to reassure me that I’m on the right path. Thank u Dr. Jude!

Breast Augmentation

Have had breast lift with implants (09/20/2017) could not b more pleased with the results so far. He is one of the nicest most down to earth people EVER!! I’ve had 130+ pound weight loss, so I look forward to more procedures with Dr LaBarbera.

Breast Augmentation with Lift