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Lipo 360 In Scottsdale, Arizona

Lipo 360 in Scottsdale is an all-encompassing liposuction procedure designed to remove unwanted fat from multiple areas, sculpting a more defined body shape. This procedure, performed by our board-certified plastic surgeon, targets the midsection, including the abdomen, waist, and back, and extends to the hips and thighs. By strategically removing excess fat from these areas, LaBarbera MD Plastic Surgery in Arizona ensures a smooth and seamless blend between treated zones, dramatically enhancing your overall figure.

What Is Lipo 360?

Lipo 360, or 360-degree liposuction, is a comprehensive fat removal procedure that targets the entire midsection in one operation. Unlike traditional liposuction, which focuses on one area at a time, this method addresses the abdomen, sides, and back simultaneously, creating a more uniform result. It includes the abdomen, waist, hips, and back bra roll, ensuring a complete treatment of the midsection.

What sets Lipo 360 apart is its liposculpting technique, which not only removes fat but also reshapes and recontours the remaining fat deposits. This approach improves overall body proportions, effectively reducing stubborn belly fat, love handles, and other bulges, enhancing the body’s contour and silhouette.

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Lipo 360 Procedure

The Lipo 360 procedure offers a comprehensive approach to body contouring, specifically targeting multiple areas to achieve a sculpted and defined silhouette. Utilizing advanced techniques such as tumescent liposuction, this method provides impressive results.

During the Lipo 360 procedure, you can expect the following:

Incisions and Tumescent Solution

For this cosmetic procedure, you will be placed under general anesthesia. Once you are asleep, Dr. Jude LaBarbera will inject a tumescent solution into the fatty tissue and make small incisions in the targeted areas. This solution helps facilitate fat removal, minimizes bleeding, and reduces discomfort during and after the surgery.

Excess fat cells are gently removed from the treated areas using a thin cannula tube.

Dr. LaBarbera will sculpt your body contours by strategically removing fat from your abdomen, waist, hips, and lower back. This personalized method aims to create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing silhouette.

The duration of the Lipo 360 procedure in Scottsdale varies, typically lasting a few hours based on the number of treated areas and the volume of fat removed. After removing the fat, Dr. LaBarbera will use dissolvable sutures to close the incisions and apply a compression garment to help minimize swelling, support the healing process, and optimize the results.

Combining advanced techniques with a personalized approach, the Lipo 360 procedure in Scottsdale helps you achieve your desired body contours and enhance your self-confidence. Consulting with our plastic surgeon is essential to discuss your goals, determine your suitability for the Lipo 360 technique, and receive individualized recommendations tailored to your specific body and needs.

Lipo 360 Recovery

Achieving the best results after your Lipo 360 procedure relies heavily on the recovery period. Following our plastic surgeon’s instructions is essential for a smooth and effective recovery. Here are some personalized tips to help ensure proper healing and minimize discomfort:

Wear a compression garment

You will be advised to wear a compression garment. This is crucial as it helps reduce swelling and supports the newly contoured areas of your body.


Avoid any strenuous activities or exercises that might strain your body during the initial recovery period. Proper healing is essential to prevent complications and ensure optimal results.

Take the prescribed medication for pain and discomfort exactly as instructed by our plastic surgeon. This will help ensure a more comfortable recovery process.

Maintaining a nutritious, balanced diet is essential for supporting your body’s healing process. Be sure to include plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins in your meals.

Smoking can greatly impede your body’s healing process. To ensure a smooth recovery, it is essential to refrain from smoking and using any tobacco products during this time.

Make sure to attend all scheduled follow-up appointments. These visits allow our plastic surgeon to monitor your recovery and address any questions or concerns you may have.

By adhering to these tips and taking good care of yourself, you can ensure a smooth recovery following your Lipo 360 procedure.
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Lipo 360 Ideal Candidates In Scottsdale, AZ

To determine if Lipo 360 is right for you, it’s important to assess whether you meet the criteria for an ideal candidate. This procedure is intended for those who have localized fat deposits in multiple areas of the body and are at or near their ideal weight. Lipo 360 specifically targets stubborn fat cells that do not respond to diet and exercise, allowing for a more sculpted and contoured physique.

Besides having localized fat deposits, candidates should be in good overall health to undergo the Lipo 360 procedure safely and with a lower risk of complications. It is important to have realistic expectations about the results and understand that Lipo 360 is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. While the procedure can remove stubborn fat, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential to ensure lasting results.

Cost of Lipo 360 in Scottsdale, Arizona

In Scottsdale, Arizona, the cost for a Lipo 360 procedure generally falls between $10,000 and $25,000. The final price depends on various factors, such as the number of areas being addressed and the amount of fat to be removed.

To receive a precise estimate, it’s advisable to schedule an initial consultation with our reputable board-certified plastic surgeon. During this consultation, you can outline your goals and expectations, and the surgeon will provide a detailed cost quote based on your individual needs.

Lipo 360 Benefits

Opting for a Lipo 360 procedure comes with numerous benefits for individuals seeking a significant aesthetic transformation. Some of the advantages include:

Comprehensive Contouring
Lipo 360 provides a holistic approach to body sculpting, targeting the abdomen, waist, love handles, and back in a single procedure. This comprehensive approach ensures a smooth, contoured appearance around the body, offering a more balanced and proportionate physique.
Enhanced Body Proportions
By removing excess fat cells from around the entire circumference of the midsection, Lipo 360 can significantly improve body proportions. This lipo procedure can help achieve a more defined waistline, reduce the appearance of love handles, and enhance your body’s natural curves, contributing to an overall more aesthetically pleasing figure.
Minimally Invasive with Faster Recovery
Compared to traditional liposuction methods, Lipo 360 is less invasive and often performed using advanced techniques that minimize downtime. Smaller incisions lessen the risk of complications and accelerate recovery, allowing you to return to your daily routines more quickly.
Boosts Confidence and Well-being
The physical improvements achieved with Lipo 360 can enhance self-esteem and confidence. Many of our patients report feeling more comfortable in their clothing and more confident in their overall appearance, which can positively impact mental and emotional well-being.
Long-Lasting Results
The fat cells removed during Lipo 360 are permanently eliminated from the body. The results of the procedure can last for years when they are accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and proper nutrition. Our patients are encouraged to maintain a stable weight to preserve their new, contoured shape.
Lipo 360 is versatile and can be tailored to meet your aesthetic goals and unique needs. Whether you aim to reduce a small amount of stubborn fat or achieve a major transformation, the procedure can be customized to ensure the best possible outcomes.
Can Be Combined with Other Procedures
For those seeking more extensive body rejuvenation, Lipo 360 can be combined with other cosmetic surgery procedures, such as Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck, or breast augmentation, to achieve comprehensive results, allowing you to address multiple concerns in a single surgical session, reducing overall recovery time and costs.

Why Choose LaBarbera MD Plastic Surgery For Lipo 360?

For Lipo 360 procedures in Scottsdale, AZ, trust LaBarbera MD Plastic Surgery. Our practice, led by Dr. Jude LaBarbera, a board-certified plastic surgeon renowned for exceptional results, specializes in Lipo 360 and advanced liposuction techniques. Dr. LaBarbera’s expertise helps patients achieve their desired body contours with precision and care.

At LaBarbera MD Plastic Surgery, we prioritize your safety, satisfaction, and overall health throughout the procedure, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable in your skin. Experience exceptional care and see the fantastic results of your Lipo 360 procedure.

If you’re considering plastic surgery, rely on our experienced and reputable team. Schedule a consultation to discuss your cosmetic goals and discover how Lipo 360 can transform your body and help you achieve the sculpted silhouette you’ve always desired.

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